Medical grade Essential Oils Class- Learn how to use medical grade essential oils at home.

In this next level aromatherapy course, you will learn more about the use of essential oils, how they are extracted, how they are administered, and what makes them appropriate for use in certain situations. You will learn the chemistry of essential oils, how they are to be properly blended and administered, understand the methods of production and the various products that are produced, know the difference between food grade and industrial grade essential oil, and learn the key therapeutic and energetic properties of a number of essential oils.

By the end of this class you will be able to put together some basic formulas for your own personal use. While this class will not qualify you to be a Master Aromatherapist, it will put the power of essential oils into your hands as you learn, understand, and master the various essential and carrier oils in terms of improving the quality of your life, or for minimizing discomfort during periods of illness.

Massage Techniques Class- Learn how to perform massages at home.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to give your partner a great massage?  It's easier than you think.  Just schedule time with Wanda, a licensed massage therapist to teach you basic massage techniques. She can put one person on the table while she teaches the other, and then have you switch places.  Booking 90 minutes is usually enough time of one session.  You can practice at home, and then come back for more sessions to perfect your technique.

Massage technique is made up of massage strokes that primarily derive from Swedish massage, the most commonly offered and best-known type of massage.  If you're familiar with these massage techniques, you can better appreciate what the massage therapist is doing during a professional massage at a spa.

Knowing basic massage technique can also help you experiment with at-home massage with your partner. Basically all you need is massage oil, which facilitates the glide of your hand over the skin, and a sheet that you don't mind getting oily to put over your bed or some blankets on the floor.


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