Welcome to Wanda's Health Massage Therapy LLC.

We are Licensed Professional Clinical Massage Practitioners.

We work with our community to ensure health and wellness for all who come in to see us.

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide excellent professional clinical services to our community by using our hands with a commitment to the Ethics Of Touch

Our highly-talented team of experienced professionals are here to take care of your therapeutic needs and pamper you. The staff at Wanda's Health Massage Therapy LLC are some of the most gifted, skilled, and trusting spa specialists in the Columbia area. With our relaxing and therapeutic techniques, it is no wonder that our clients keep coming back time and time again.

Owner/ Massage Practitioner- LMT,LMBT
SC License No. 8500

NC License No. 17329

I am a Professional Clinical Massage Practitioner specializing in clinical and therapeutic massage treatments. I am also the owner at Wanda's Health Massage Therapy, LLC. I have been studying Anatomy and Kinesiology since 2010 and I have been in business since 2012. I can be found on Yelp, Google, Facebook and more Internet sites as Wanda's Health Massage Therapy, LLC

I am dedicated to the treatment of my clients. I believe in giving the best MASSAGE treatment for your needs. I attended and graduated from Southeastern Institute in Columbia, SC. I have a degree in Professional Clinical Neuromuscular Massage Therapy. I work with the body very thoroughly. I am dedicated to demonstrating my commitment and usage of the ethics of touch. I have certified professional clinical massage therapists that are dedicated and committed to the wellness of all of our clients.

I am the official massage Practitioner of the ALLEN UNIVERSITY YELLOW JACKETS BASKETBALL TEAM.

I also offer Mobile Massage (only) for Women in NC, accommodating Fayetteville, Spring Lake, Cameron, Sanford, Lillington and surrounding areas.



Columbia, SC-

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North Carolina-

Mon-Fri 9a to 1p; 5p to 7p

Sat & Sun- Call to request

Massage Practitioner/ Manager
SC License No. 9960

 I am a dedicated and talented Professional Clinical Massage Practitioner. I specialize in Deep Therapeutic work. I love tailoring my massage sessions for each of my clients. I always make sure that when you come to Wanda's Health Massage Therapy LLC your not going to want to leave, But when you have to leave all your needs will have been met and your muscle problems will have been taken care of. We aren't just a business here, we are a family and when you come to us you become family.

We are Dedicated to utilizing our hands with a commitment to the ethics of touch. 





Massage Practitioner
SC License No. 7373

I am a Professional Clinical Massage Practitioner. I have been performing massage therapy for more than 6 years. I offer a range of massage therapy techniques in my sessions. I enjoy what  I do so much that my clients get the best massage therapy possible. We care about your health and wellness at Wanda's Health Massage Therapy. Come and let us take care of your health needs utilizing our commitment to the ethics of touch.



Tuesday 9a-5p

Thursday 3:45p-7:15p

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide excellent professional clinical services to our community by using our hands with a commitment to the Ethics Of Touch